Going In Circles

I'm happy it's the weekend!  I did several things to my nails.  First, I put on 3 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Eel SkinSecond, one coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass Slipper.  I can see myself putting it on every creme I own.  And, third did a stamping with Chanel Vendetta using XL Plate B.  

Why does macro have to show every little flaw. Lol!  I promise it looks better irl

Glass Slipper killed my lemming for Illasmaqua Raindrops and CND Sugar Sparkle.  (Hugs bottle)

 Eel Skin a nice creme

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  1. Beautiful nail art!!
    Thanks for you're sweet comment.
    I'm now you're new follower.
    Would you follow me to?

    xx Iris

  2. Gorgeous...makes me think of the song from my high school days!! LOL

  3. Oh wow, gorgeous! I love the colour combination :-)

  4. Eel Skin and Glass Slipper together is such a lovely combination. The stamp just adds that extra something. Great mani.

    And in other news, will be keeping my eyes out for Glass Slipper.

  5. This is so gorgeous, I need Glass Slipper so badly now. :)

  6. The gray and purple combination is amazing!

  7. Thanks ladies :)

    Jackie: I know what song you are talking about lol! :)

    ABOP: Yes, finally :)

  8. OooOOOO,this looks so purdy on you! I must steal the idea of stamping purple on top of gray, it looks great and I don't think I've done it before.

  9. I really like the stamping that you have done!


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