Konad Multi Stamp and Sunday's Manicure

Happy Sunday,

After Friday's manicure today I decided to do some stamping.  Before I show you my nails  I purchased the new Konad Multi Stamp.  Since the scraper is attached to the stamper it works alot faster for me.  Just scrap and stamp. What I like about it, I have my plate on top of a paper towel after scraping on the design  I slide the scraper on the paper towel, this cleans off the polish so no drips. Then all I do is stamp. This elevates me from cleaning off the scraper with a cotton ball or Qtip. What I don't like about it is the metal scraper wish it were plastic because the metal scrapes up the plates.  Other then that I'm glad I got this :D

 The stamper is double sided the other end is green and smaller. The holder is nice to display it on top of your nail station.
Here are the directions 

I stamped my (right hand) non dominant hand first, but got better stamping results with my dominant hand (left hand).  Everytime I stamp my left hand comes out so much better.  (Wonder why?)

My right hand 

I used Revlon LilyChrome with plate Red Angel RA107

Left hand

 I like how you can see the glitter peeking through the silver chrome and how you can see like a shadow of the glitter through the petals of the design.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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  1. Ack! You got it!? One of the things I was wondering was if it does actually make it any faster to get the polish on the nail, so I guess I know that now.

    It's too bad that these companies don't take notes from those of us who use their products and do something like omit the metal on the scraper. I too would be much happier with it being non-metal.

  2. Beautiful mani! I also am not a fan of the metal scrapper, but I couldn't find any other kind. So it's what I use now.

  3. nailxchange: I keep looking at this thing and keeping trying to figure out trying to remove the metal part and I'm thinking would still be able to scrape with it.

    Nail Designs xox: Konad does sell the non-metal scraper alone for I believe $2.00.

  4. This is gorgeous! Those colours work perfectly with that image :-)
    I'm thinking of getting a green stamper as it can be so difficult to see the pink polish on the pink stamper!

  5. Holy smokes that mani looks magical!!!!!! Whoa I luv those two shades together, and well I am a lefty and my right comes out awesome and the left so so, lol!

  6. wow this one is really awesome and superb. Lovely... go on with more art nail paints like this :)

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  7. Oh cool. I may have to pick up that multi-stamp after all. Gorgeous mani!

  8. Hey Auntie!

    I'm back to blogging! Miss you! I always love how you do your nails!I just had to cut mine bc i broke them at work and they were really long too! :-(

  9. This is gorgeous! Well done, so pretty!

    I love how the silver is kinda transparent too.

  10. This. Is. BEAUTIFUL. I love the color combination and the stamp. Just lovely! I really like the new stamper/scrapers, too!

  11. So beautiful! I want one.


  12. Wow - that's gorgeous! I love stamping over sparkles (but mine never seem to turn out as nicely as yours!).

  13. wow this one is really awesome and superb. I love the color combination and the stamp.

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