Maybe A Dupe To Butter London Disco Biscuit

Good Morning,

It's time for I wear pink on Wednesday!  Butter London Collection  Spring 2012 looking at Disco Biscuit   was thinking about purchasing it because of it being a very bright pink with purpley/bluey shimmer in the mix.  The name is cute too.  It did look familiar to me so, I started roaming thru my Alex and grabbed Funky Fingers *Manic Flamingo*.   I haven't seen Disco Biscuit just on various blogs.  To my surprise money saved.  I purchased Manic Flamingo a few years ago while visiting relatives up north.  It still might be available at your local Five Below.

My camera is not picking up the blue shimmer to well here 

There's the blue shimmer

These pictures are with 2 coats no topcoat.  Formula wise easy to apply kinda jelly like.  I hear Disco Biscuit is really sheer not so with Manic Flamingo.

These last 2 pictures are with 3 coats and 1 layer of topcoat which looks better because it's a little dull without it.

If you are lemming Disco Biscuit but want to save some $$$ get Manic Flamingo.  I hope you find it!

P.S.  I'm keeping Manic Flamingo in my purse so when I visit Ulta I can do a comparison.  I just want to make sure. Lol! :P  

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  1. This is so gorgeous! The color is so vibrant and the blue shimmer must look even more awesome in real life!

  2. Dupe or not, this is a fantastic color. I didn't get Disco Biscuit but saw it in person... this looks like a better version! I feel like the blue glitters aren't as visible in Disco Biscuit. I'll be interested in reading what you think - I LOLd thinking about you pulling this out in Ulta and looking at the two side by side :)

  3. This looks absolutely gorgeous on you!


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