Pink Wednesday...Revlon Bubble and Lynnderella Heart Strings

Good Morning,

I'm finally getting around to participate in Pink Wednesday.  Today, I choose to Wear Revlon Bubble . Indeed it's a bubble gum pink creme that covered well with 2 coats.  Afterwards I applied two coats of Lynnderella Heart Strings which I think goes well together with Bubble.  Heart Strings is in a tinted pink base and is packed full of pink and red bar glitter/string glitter.  I applied it by pushing the brush around to go on evenly.  Used two coats. Sorry my pictures don't give this combo justice.

Without topcoat

Revlon Bubble

 What pink are you wearing today?

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  1. After I posted today then I realized it was wednesday, lolol! And I am wearing pink also. That shade looks perfect On u!!!

  2. This is gorgeous! I have seriously got to get some Lynnderella

  3. I can't to get some Lynn's too. They're so unique. I like your combo :)

  4. Love the Lynderella polish I NEED IT!

  5. Heart Strings reminds me of the pink super fine bar glitter from Zoya Holiday 2011. Way cheaper and easier to come by than Lynderella.

  6. This pink is great on you !
    really, it looks like candy ^_^


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