Another Preview from Bundle Monster...BM308

From reading on Facebook most are in a hurry to get Bundle Monster's new collection.  I'm patient I can wait.  I'm actually liking how they are whetting our appetite's with these teasers.

Bundle Monster BM308

My favorite designs are the fruit slices and flower pots.  What are yours?

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  1. i like the fruit slices too. and the donut! i hate that flowery fruit though, its not symmetrical and its bothering me!

  2. Gnarly Gnails: Lol! You can straightened them out by just adding one pot and it looks like the large pots are good for the thumbs and the smaller ones for other fingers.

  3. You know, I'm such a fan of BM, I have both of their sets and this one's not really doing it for me for some reason. I think I'm learning that I like abstract designs more than these literal ones of animals and fruits and things. I'm not sure that I could create art that I'll like on me without my nails looking to childlike.

  4. nailXchange: Girl, I know how you feel and I love seeing all your designs. I love abstracts too! It's 25 plates and there has to be some abstracts in this new set...I hope so. Come on BM tease us with some abstract designs! :D

  5. I love the fruit slices, but the rest looks a bit clip-arty. Still, the slices are really neat and the plate would probably be worth it just for those.

  6. Cathy: Yes, just think of all the color combos to do with the citrus slices :)


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