OPI DS Original

I thought it was time for me to start wearing my holos, so today I'm wearing OPI DS Original.  OPI describes it as a gorgeous glistening plum. I agree, a gorgeous light purple which reflects every color of the rainbow and it reflects light in an explosion of brilliance.  It's sheer but not hard to apply, I had no dragging issues applied two coats over Makeup Stores Aqua Base.  I didn't apply any topcoat. It wore really well for me without any chipping.


You can find DS Original on ebay but it's abit pricey or you may be able to hunt it down while on a dusty shopping trip. 

How is your list of collecting the Designer Series coming along?  Check my list of them here

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  1. Gorgeous! The only DS I own is Sapphire (which I love) but I'd love to get my hands on Glamour and Original

  2. Gorgeous color, and you have such nice nails!

  3. This is beautiful! and the only Ds I need to complete my collection :)

  4. Ohhh I would so love to come across some DS's someday! Gorgeous holo. :)

  5. I love, love, love DS Original. I found mine on Amazon and last time I hunted it down (you have to dig a bot to find it) it was about $25. a bottle. The seller is trustworthy, sells authentic product and ships lightening fast.

    But I digress... This looks fabulous on you. :)

  6. Carly @ Lacquer Lover: Thx, Glamour is another pretty one I hope you find it :)

    Cathy: Thank you so much! :)

    Karine: Wow are you saying you have all of them once you get Original? Awesome! :)

    lady_flower123: and so much better out in the sun :)

    liesl (lieslloves): You have to start collecting and I hope you run across them :)

    Jennius-Gold Speckle Nails: It really is :)

    Ice Queen: Oh yes Amazon is another place to hunt down some HTF's. It is a few of them on Ebay for about $30 and more.

  7. This is totally beautiful on you :)

  8. Totally gorgeous! I have 6 DS polishes and i love them all! :) thanks for the follow hun :)

  9. Ohh wee... SO pretty! I need some DS's in my life.

  10. Ash-Lilly: Thanks girly :)

    ♥neelai♥: Will be stalking your page to view them :)

    Lizzy O: Yes girl you need some DS in your life they don't disappoint:)

  11. I feel lucky to say I own 2 of this shade. I am holding back one that is in the original box. I started to buy the older DS's before their prices went through the roof. They are a collector item. But I must say when it comes to holos, some of the holos coming out of a couple of companies (that I know of - there maybe more)have some really amazing holos that far now rival the OPI DS line - except for the first grouping that OPI came out with. Those like this one are still really amazing to see, and better even to own!

  12. beachgal: Only 2 you need more. Lol! Yeah, there are alot of other great holo's :)


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