Teal Tuesdays...To Teal To Handle

Hello Everyone,

It's Teal Tuesdays, Facebook Challenge is *Circles*. 

You know how you have all sorts of ideas spinning around in your head so you put bits and pieces together to come up with something creative?  Well, it's bits and pieces alright. Lol!  I don't even know what to call this design.  It does have a retro feel to it and I tend to be drawn to retro/vintage looks. My base color is Confetti To Teal To Handle.  I think that's a good name for my design. Ha *-*

My middle nail broke down to the quick so it looks super thick with nail polish on it.  (sorry it happens) 

The middle and ring fingers I placed the white polish about a quarter of the way up and halfway up from the sides. Did the samething with the teal polish, but letting some of the white show.  For the index and pinkie fingers I did somewhat of a patchwork effect.

Here I added the dots on middle and ring fingers and a sparkle topcoat on index and pinkie fingers.  Confetti, To Teal to Handle has some gold shimmer mixed in it. 

Here I used Konad Image Plate M65 it's a full plate.  I placed the green polish in a slanted position because I didn't want the image on the whole nail.  I also stamped it on at an angle.

The circles are showing more so on my index finger.

Here are the items that were used

I hope you like it.  Thoughts?

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  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the pattern <3.

  2. I love this! It reminds me of Morroccan architecture. Very pretty!

  3. I simply do not know how you have the skill to do that. It's A MA ZING!

  4. i love your pinky and index fingers

  5. Ladies thank you so much! :)

    Tini: Yes, it does have a Morroccan feel to it :)

  6. lovely! & ouch abt the broken nail

  7. lovely! & ouch abt the broken nail

  8. You are really good at this whole nail art thing :)

  9. 1xellus1: This break didn't hurt. Just want it to grow out just alittle :)

    Diana: Thx

    ~SillyCR: I'm trying, lol! :)

  10. OMG this is so cute!
    It's chic, Moroccan, and springy!
    Love Love Love it! And I can't wait to try (^-^*)

  11. scribble neetly: I would like for you to put your spin on it :)


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