30 Days Of Purple Day 1: CG Purplexed

Debbie's blog "The Crumpet"  is doing a 30 days of purple for the month of November.  I am a purple lover and I decided to join her.  It's not a challenge persa because anything goes just as long as it's purple.   I'll see how long I can keep up I'll even incorporate some nail art on some days.  I'm excited to show you all the lovely purples that I have in my stash. 

Cover Girl Perplexed

This post can also be a "Throwback Thursdays" post featuring Cover Girl Purplexed.  It is an oldie but goodie in my book.  A lovely purple duochrome that shifts from green to an amber gold.  I'm not to good at taking pictures in the sun (any suggestions?) and the sun wasn't quite bright enough to show off all the colors.  I'm sorry my pictures aren't very good.

Cover Girl Purplexed
The formula was thin but not problematic as far as application.  It built up nicely for me with 3 coats.
Ah! see the colors of green and amber
bottle pic color shift
I'm loving this purple duochrome from Cover Girl.  I believe I purchased it at Dollar Tree awhile ago.  Cover Girl decided to make polishes again I saw their new collection at my local Walgreens, but they aren't as lovely as their older ones just your basic creme colors and some shimmers.
Are you a purple lover?  Come and join us on this purple spree for the month of November.

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Oh, I'm definitely a purple lover!!! This is a stunning polish! I love it on you.

    Sunlight can be hard if it's very little. I think it's best when you have direct sunlight. The pics still look good though.

  2. oh I LOVE purple !!! This shade looks so pretty on you Rhonda :)

  3. I love Dollar Tree finds!! This one is no exception! Gorgeous on you!

  4. Marisa: Yay another purple lover in the house :)

    Vicky Boombastic Nails: You are a purple lover too? Awesome :)

    Mel Glassflecked: Thanks :)

    SchiaChia Murphy: I haven't found any gems there in a long time.

  5. Hey, I unknowingly put purple on my nails today, then I saw this post! It's gorgeous! I also have a lot of trouble getting good duochrome pictures. Heck, sometimes I have trouble with getting my camera to capture the right color at all. For instance, today's purple keeps showing up blue! I don't if I'll be able to keep up but I have a ton of purples waiting to be tried! I might be up for doing "a lot of" purples...

  6. I love purple but I don't know if I could do 30 days of purple! That being said, what a lovely polish! I'm so used to purples with pink or blue, gold is such a great shift.


  7. NailaDay: Yes, purples are hard to photograph. Ha Ha, I don't know if I can keep up you and me both :)

    Sensible Nails: I bet you will be surprised of how many purples you have. You can do other colors with a purple.

  8. Oooo I love purple. It is my go to color. I wish I could join in but I wouldn't be able to be consistent with my crazy school and work schedules. I look forward to viewing your 30 days of purple. :)


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