30 Days Of Purple Day 3: Dry Water Marble

Hi Guys it's Saturday Morning and I am on day 3.  Yesterday, I showed you a zebra stamping design, I was going to stamp my dominant hand (l'm a lefty) to but since they are way longer I probably would have to double stamp them and I knew it would be a hassle doing so.  I took the easy way out and did a dry water marble. Note: It's not strange for me to have different colors/patterns on each hand. Lol! (It's all good)

Base: Sinful Colors Fig, lighter purple Wet n Wild megalast On A Trip
Fig was already dry so I just layered on a coat of clear polish and laid down drops of On A Trip on my nails.  Before the clear coat and the droplets dried I ran the tip end of my dotter with a swirling motion forming the marble effect.  Easy peasy.
Bye, bye almonds
I enjoyed my almonds but some good things have to come to an end.  I have a crack on the side of my ring finger and I don't like repairs because I don't think they hold up well.  As the saying goes back to the drawing board.  Nails are just like hair...right?  They do grow back :) 
Have a good weekend guys!

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Love this mani !! I always have different colors on each hand too LOL !!!

  2. Oh how I love, love love this. It is just gorgeous and unique. I am thoroughly enjoying your 30 days of purple.

  3. omg Rhonda! This is gorgeous! Love purple <3


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