Blue Monday, Jelly Jeans Queen And Hippie Fest

Hi Guys, I'm loving Nail The B.Y.T.C.H Jelly Jeans Queen because it's a gorgeous periwinkle with blue shimmer.  I'm such a sucker when it comes to the color periwinkle if I see one in the store that I don't already have I'll probably buy it.

I purchased Wonder Beauty Products Hippie Fest several months ago but never used it.  After coming across a blog that showed a lovely picture of it I quickly remembered that I had it.  So,  I immediately went to look for my bottle.  It didn't look the same as was featured.  The base was pink and only had silver and blue shreds, the shreds melted turning the clear base pink.   I contacted Jen and she said that it had been reformulated she was willing to refund me or send me out a new reformulated bottle.  I opted to get a new bottle and I'm glad I did.  Great customer service Jen!  Thanks *-*

I'm glad I paired these two together they were meant to be.  Hippie Fest is loaded with shreds of glitter in royal blue, teal,  purple, green and chartreuse in a shimmering base of white iridescent and golden fairy dusts.  A great formula, here I used 1 & 1/2 coats to cover well.

I wish there are more colored shreds in a bottle like Hippie Fest.  Oh, Jen does have another! I hope other Indie makers hear my plea. Lol!  Wonder Beauty Products can be found on esty.
 Do you like shredded glitter?  What are your thoughts? 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. We are in the same mind when it comes to Periwinkle. I dye more yarn Periwinkle than any other color. I am sure eventually I will have a few Periwinkle colors in my collection. I love this combination.

  2. I love blue(ish) polish.This is very pretty.

  3. That shred glitter polish is unique! Love the combo!

  4. This is lovely - I really like the shred over this's a shade of blue I really love and cannot wait for those lighter blue jeans to come back in big fashion again. The name is fab too - being the old Hippie that I am! I am also in the love Periwinkle Blue family!

  5. That is GORGEOUS! But so is everything you post!!! :)

  6. Gorgeous combo !! Love the shreds in Hippie Fest :)

  7. I love the combo!! I shall have to look this store up on Etsy!


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