Pure Ice Lacquers And Crackles, Swatches and Review

Hello Everyone,

Pure Ice Brand is not to be reckoned with. They offer some amazing colours and finishes that will satisfy every nail polish lover.  I have some lacquers and crackle nail enamels to share with you today.  Without further ado let's get started...

                                         Pure Ice Eyes Of Steel
Pure Ice Nail Polish
Eyes Of Steel,  I'm in love with this polish.  It's a dark charcoal chrome finish.  The formula was thick but not in a bad way. Even though it's streaky it doesn't bother me. I  used two coats.  I know this would make a great stamping polish.
Pure Ice Crackle Lightning Strikes
Pure Ice Crackle
Lightning Strikes, a silver glittery crackle.  Nice formula not too thin or too thick  I layered one coat over Eyes Of Steel.  The cracks are consistant on each nail. 
Pure Ice Beware
Pure Ice Nail Polish
Beware, is a micro silver glitter that sparkles.  It's best used as a layering polish or for a crackle polish to layer over it.  I used 4 coats.
Pure Ice Crackle Cat Walk
Catwalk, a yellow crackle with silver shimmer added to the mix. Nice formula  I layered one coat over Beware.  Normal time for the cracks to appear.
Silver Mercedes
Pure Ice Nail Polish
Silver Mercedes, a light silver metallic finish.  I'm a fan of these metallics.  I'll be wearing them more often.  Great formula and was opaque with one coat but I decided to apply two coats.  
Pure Ice Crackle Shattered
Pure Ice Crackle Polish
Shattered, a lime green crackle that looks amazing over Silver Mercedes.  You have to be quick  applying this crackle because it dries and cracks fast. I used one coat. 
Overall:  Pure Ice makes some great polishes.  Don't let the under $2.00 price tag fool you.  I'm impressed with the chrome and the metallic.  The crackles are great too. 
 Pure Ice is available at Walmart stores nationwide or online at  Bari Cosmetics
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*Pure Ice product sent for review*

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Yes, I agree. Pure Ice is what got me started loving finger nail polishes. At the moment I have five. My daughter things they are short lasting, and that is probably true, so we now put a top coat on them, and they do fine.

  2. Wow, that first color is surprisingly less streaky than I would think! Great application!

  3. Love the Eyes of Steel Rhonda but definitely not the crackles. I think as a whole I'm done with crackles but I will say your application is FLAWLESS!!!

  4. The metallics are especially beautiful on you, I see why you favor them : ) I do too!

  5. Eyes of Steel is nice. I don't usually buy Pure Ice. I think I better start checking for them.

  6. Is Pure Ice Eyes Of Steel new? I checked on Walmart's website and I don't see it. =/

  7. Thanks ladies :)

    kelliemurray: Hi Kellie thanks for commenting. Yes, they are new. Try checking your Walmart stores hopefully you will find them there :)


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