Blue Monday, Icy Blue

Good Morning Guys, How was your weekend,  Brr! for me.  Lol! 

Nicole by OPI Deck The Dolls a gorgeous blue teal shimmer.  I think it looks icy cold with some stripes.

Nicole By OPI Deck The Dolls
I used my Kiss Nailart Paint in soft blue.  I like the stripes only on my ring and middle fingers not too busy yet still striking.
Hope you like it...

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Beautiful ! Happy Holidays to you ! <3

  2. I love this! It kinda looks like magnetic polish from far away. Happy holidays!

  3. Love these !! OPI Deck the Dolls is gorgeous !! Happy holidays Rhonda :)

  4. I really like that color. Blue is a color I don't have a lot of of and could use more of in my collection.


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