Wet n Wild Poison Ivy

Hi Guys,  I had to go to several Walgreens before I found Wet n Wild megalast Poison Ivy from the Fall 2012 Pick Your Poison Collection.  I was thrilled that I found it!  There are 6 polishes in the collection, Poison Ivy is the pick of the liter.  

Wet n Wild megalast Poison Ivy
As you see it's a deep dark emerald forest green with shimmer in a blacken base.  The first coat covered pretty well but I decided to add two coats to display more of it's bold and richness.
Did you pick up any from the collection? Or did you pick this one up like I did?

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Yes I have Poison Ivy, Lethal Injection & Toxic Apple. I must say Poison Ivy is the best!! So deep and dark!!

  2. This is such a pretty green! Love it!

  3. I actually have Poison Ivy and the blackened blue shimmer- the collection had some stunners :)

  4. SHAMWOW...this is pretty! Matte it!

  5. Thanks ladies,

    SchaChia Murphy: I wish I got the blacken blue!! :/

    Tini: Next time I wear it I'll matte it :)

  6. I seriously have been mentally kicking myself for months, lol. I saw this collection at exactly one store and I passed up on Poison Ivy time and time again and by the time I was ready to cough up the whole $1.99 for it I couldn't find it anywhere. I did get Toxic Apple, the dark blue one that looks like OPI Russian Navy, but alas... this is the one that got away. ;)


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