Blue Monday: Scandal Jostle

Blue Monday everyone, 

Today's mani is an oxblood red it's very vampy and looks black in the shade.  Most times we all seem to layer any color glitter over black.  I wanted to try something different.   I layered L.A. Girl Addict, Jostle over Pure Ice Scandal.

You can see around my cuticles Scandal is red.  Now if Scandal was just a tad bit lighter wouldn't this be an awesome combo?  I think so.

 Better yet a frankening dark red jelly that looks red in the shade with cobalt blue glitter mixed in ...I'm liking the sound of it.  Is there any indie polish out there that fits the description? 

Okay, I was anxious to see it matted

One coat of Hard Candy Mate-ly In Love.  I lurve me some matted glitter.

Hey guys, did you know that Hard Candy is discontinuing their Just Nails line?  They stated this on their FB page.  You better stock up on your favorites.  High-tail it to your local Walmart before there gone. 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. I am finding myself matting glitter more often than not. I think it emphasizes the great texture that glitter can give and I can use for daywear if I do. Love the blue over deep red.

  2. Teresa Gardner: Thx, I feel the same way...Matte is now one of my favorites to wear :)

  3. Pleaase make that franken! It sounds deliciously pretty and nothing like what I've seen yet. :D

    And Addict is super pretty!

  4. Really love the matte version !!

  5. This mani is stunning! I never would have thought to layer these together.

  6. The blue glitter is actually Jostle - which means bumping into someone (like in a crowd and you're trying to go through it - you're jostling the people next to you).


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