Look Book: Beige Creme with Hearts Of Gold FX

Hi Everyone,  Another Monday rolls around.  Not much winter weather in Florida it was very hot this weekend.  70 and 80 degree weather...boo! Come on northern folks blow some of your cold temperatures down my way. Lol!

I was on the hunt searching in Walgreen stores looking for Revlon Girly and Heavenly.  After three stores  I found them and my eye caught some others from another collection, Revlon Top Speed Spellbound  Hypnotizing FX For Nails Collection.  And of course I picked up a few.  Today I'm wearing Revlon Top Speed Hearts of Gold FX over Zoya Jacqueline.  

Revlon Hearts Of Gold FX
 Hearts of Gold FX, has itty bitty gold glitter with holographic heart shape glitter in a clear base.

I had to tilt the bottle to fish out the hearts and I elected to apply one heart on each nail accept my ring finger.  I'm liking the way the photos are showing the flash of colors.

  Jacqueline, Hearts of Gold FX

These two make a great pair.  What are your thoughts?

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Lovely combo! Haven't seen those Revlon ones in the UK :(

  2. Love it! I actually one that Revlon nail polish it and it just makes EVERYTHING look pretty!!

  3. Love the zoya color, it makes me think of bananas!

  4. Cute! I actually saw that one and put it aside, I was I got Girly, Heavenly and the sheer creme one to layer- I want to see how it looks with Heavenly- great swatch!

  5. Makes me want the whole Zoya spring collection. Very nice combination. Don't worry, we have your cold weather up here in Missouri-brrrrrrrrr..........

  6. MissLanage: I hope you can find them :)

    Kenid Joseph: I like to know what color you layered it over?

    Lieke Marijnissen: Yes, it does look like a banana lol! :)

    SchaChia Murphy: I would like to see heavenly over a sheer cream as well. I'll be waiting for your swatch :)

    Therea Gardner: Zoya's Lovely Collection is very nice. Oh,so you were the one that stole all the cold weather Lol! :)


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