Look Book: Jelly Butter Sammie

Hi Everyone,

After reviewing NOPI Hit The Lights layered with NOPI Confetti Fun (from The Selena Gomez Collection) I couldn't wait to wear these two as a jelly sandwich.  And of course since it's yellow I'm calling it a jelly butter sammie.

2 coats of Hit the Lights, 1 coat of Confetti Fun, 1 coat of Deborah Lippman Yellow Brick Road. It's an awesome jelly butter and it's great for making sammie's.  If you didn't see it alone click here

Hit The Lights, Confetti Fun, Yellow Brick Road

I know a lot of you don't like yellow because you don't think it looks well with your skin color.  Try it layered with some glitter that you like and as a jelly sandwich,  you just might change your mind about yellows.

It's amazing what a one coat of a sheer yellow can do

  ...and here it is again without the sheer yellow

I hope you guys like it as much as I do.  What are your thoughts? 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. This is so bright and fun!!! Love it!

  2. That IS gorgeous! I need to do a glitter jelly sammie.

  3. LOVE this mani!!! I almost bought Yellow Brick Road but held back. Too afraid to try this shade :(

  4. !!! rad rad radness. Now...do I have a yellow sheer...

  5. It makes me happy just looking at it!

  6. I love this! My Meijer doesn't have all the glitter shades or the cremes from the Selena Gomez collection- Ratz! I will have to try something like this with my Nfu-Oh jelly sometime :)

  7. Absolutely love this! I need more yellow nail polish in my life lol

  8. I love yellow polish on our skin tone, looks grrrrreat!


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