Nicole By OPI Selena Gomez Collection, Swatches and Review

 Hi Everyone,  it's Friday...Yay!!

Nicole By OPI has been putting out the collections haven't they? I'm not complaining.  Today I'm sharing with you the Selena Gomez Collection containing 14 fabulous bold and vibrant colors and glitters.

See single swatches after the jump...

                                          NOPI Spring Break
Spring Break, bright barbie pink, a crelly finish.  I love it against my skintone.  I used two coats.

                                           NOPI MI Fantasia
Mi Fantasia, blue microglitter with holographic small bar glitter in a clear base.  I used one coat over Spring Break.

                                            NOPI Pretty In Plum
Pretty In Plum, purple with purple shimmer, the shimmer glows very pretty.  I used two coats.

                                             NOPI Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams, purple microglitter with turquoise and silver hexagon glitter in a clear jelly base.  I'm loving this color combo with Pretty In Plum.  I used one coat.

NOPI Scarlett
Scarlett, red with lots of gold shimmer.  Sometimes it looks like a bold pink fuchsia.  Really pretty and it's one of my favorites in the collection.  I used two coats.

NOPI Kissed At Midnight
Kissed At Midnight, gold microglitter with gold and silver hexagon glitter in a clear jelly base.  I used one coat over Scarlett.

NOPI Love Song
Love Song, lilac purple crelly, very pretty purple and a great formula.  I used two coats.

NOPI Heavenly Angel
Heavenly Angel, holographic shard glitter in a clear jelly base.  Some of the shards do not lie flat on the nail.  I used one coat over Love Song.

NOPI Hit The Lights
Hit The Lights, Ha Ha love the name the lights really hit this, it's a canary yellow creme, I love this shade of yellow so bold and it makes a statement.  The first coat was a bit streaky but the second coat evened it out nicely.

NOPI Confetti Fun 
Confetti Fun, yep it's confetti in a bottle with red, blue, gold, silver and green with multiple size glitter in a clear jelly base.   I think it looks striking over Hit the lights.  I'll be doing a jelly sandwich with these soon.  I used one coat.

NOPI Selena
Selena, a coral peach tone, I love this color and because of the crelly finish.  I used two coats.

NOPI Stars At Night
Stars At Night, silver holographic bar glitter in a clear jelly base.  I used one coat over Selena.

NOPI Naturally
Naturally, bubblegum pink crelly finish.  Thick formula first coat with some patchiness, second coat evened it out.  

NOPI Inner Sparkle
Inner Sparkle, pink, lavender and silver glitter with silver microglitter in a clear base.  I love this glitter and it looks great over Naturally.  I used one coat.

Overall:  Love the crelly finishes, the colors and the glitters.  Had some trouble with the shard glitters not wanting to lie flat and some streakiness with Hit The Lights and Naturally but after the second coat they are fine.

These are available for $7.99 each at retailers including select Target, Walmart, CVS, K-mart, Rite Aid, ULTA, Sears, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Kroger and H-E-B locations. In Canada, this line will be available for $10.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada, Jean Coutu, Loblaw, and London Drug.

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*Nicole by OPI product sent for review*

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. I like the creams...I think the only one I will be picking up, though, is Hit The Lights. Seems like I probably have dupes for the others.

  2. K @Karines Vernis Club: I love those too :)

    Sarah: Another yellow lover! It's an amazing yellow the formula isn't bad at all :)

  3. beautiful swatches! love song is so pretty.

  4. Enamel Girl: Thx, Love Song seems to be a favorite :)

  5. Hi Rhonda, thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog :)
    I was looking for the nail art you were talking about but I couldn't find it (anyway, I don't know if it't just me but the search bar doesn't work). Can you link it to me, I'm just too curious :)

  6. Oh and coincidence or not, I was just watching 'Another Cinderella Story' with Selena Gomez :)
    I didn't knew about this collection but I really love most of the colors and Heavenly Angel is amazing. Unfortunately here in Italy is like impossible to get it.

  7. Beautiful swatches! I am most interested in all the cremes, especially the yellow and a few of the glitters.... there goes my no buy :)

  8. MissAdelinne: I sent you the link and I hope you can get the collection :)

    SchaChia Murphy: The yellow is meant for brown skintones :)

  9. I do like a lot of these shades but I have a dupe for pretty much every one one them. My eye is most drawn to the Pretty In Plum one. I don't fault companies for putting out really common shades...many are new to a brand or new to collecting and we need to see these kind of good standard shades repeated. Great photos.

  10. Love Song is my fave. Beautiful swatches, Rhonda :)

  11. Hey Rhonda! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comment on the pancakes I made. As far as eggnog goes, if you are unable to find it in the stores now, you could always make your own!!! ;)

    Your nails look great. You have inspired me to take more time in caring for my own. Enjoy your day!


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