Pink Wednesday: Glitz and Prison Stripes

Hi Everyone,

Today for my nails I did a  pretty in pinks design. (no other colors just pink)  

Applied 2 coats of Zoya Gie Gie, a very pretty pastel. I then added China Glaze Glam glitter in a gradient effect on my ring and index fingers.  I almost did them all that way but I quickly changed my mind and decided to add bright pink stripes using Ink Nail Art-Hot Pink to my middle and pinky fingers.

  Ink Nail Art-Hot Pink, Zoya Gie Gie, China Glaze Glam

The striper polish was so thin and sheer I had to go over the lines several times; as you see I should have went over the bottom stripe on my pinky once more.  If nail striper polish is suppose to be for nail art why do they make the formula so sheer? Go figure...

I'm pleased the way my Pink Wednesday turned out.  After adding on the stripes I thought of  them as girly prison nails. 

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Cute! I'm not very good at nail art, but I may have to give this a try.

  2. Helen: Thx, this design is easy I'm sure you can do it :)

  3. Tara @ Polishy of Truth: Thx,glad that you like it and thx for commenting :)


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