SOFLAJO: Pink It Up!

Hi Folks,  It's Monday and time to start another work week.  I have a gorgeous pink matte polish to share with you today.  It's Soflajo Pink It Up! from the Matte Love Collection.  My jaw dropped when I opened up the package and my first thoughts were this might be my favorite pink.  I have to say after wearing it I'm making it official it's one of my favorite pinks.  ^_^

Look at it, it has sparkles of pink and I want to say also sparkles of purple, but don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on me.  I just love it.  With topcoat...JaZam!

                                           SoflaJo Pink It Up!  Matte
The formula has the perfect thickness, it flows on the nail evenly with 2 coats.


Photos with topcoat

Jody makes some awesome matte polishes. You can get this lovely gem in 5ml for $5.00 or 15ml/.05 oz for $10.00

Check out the rest of the Matte Love Collection and be sure to follow her facebook page and check out her esty shop.

*Soflajo product sent for review*

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. Think Pink... I'm always thinking pink. Nice color.

  2. This is so pretty! I love SoFlaJo polishes!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pink! I love seeing indies do solid colors. This is so beautiful on you, too.

  4. This is really pretty - I am so glad many seem to see pink as an OK color again. This one is in a mid zone - not too pink not too fuchsia. I like it both matte and shinny and that's unusual for me. I typically am not a huge matte fan but for the old OPI Suedes and a few others. Love the bits of lavender or maybe it's another shade of pink in there - the part you thought you saw purple in looks that way to me on this end.

  5. Really love this shade (matte) on you!! Gorgeous !!!

  6. Thanks ladies :)

    beachgal: I thought you might like it. When I went in the sun it does have purple shimmer in it :)


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