Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, Swatches and Review

Hi Guys, It's Friday and I'm still alittle under the weather.  I can't seem to beat this nasty cold.  It's not stopping me from swatching polishes and sharing them with you guys.

Remember the press release from last month about the 70th annual Golden Globes, glamorous nails were the ultimate accessory? Three of the night's biggest stars --Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrence and singer Adele -- manicurists turned to Sally Hansen to create their signature nail looks for the red carpet.

Well, I have those polishes to share with you today.  Three nudes and a glitter one.

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Sally Hansen Sheer Ecstasy 
Sheer Ecstasy, Sheer pale pink jelly.  I love the look of this it's so office appropriate and a clean look not to mention a palette cleanser.  I started off with a coat of Pro Fx ridge filler.  Then I applied two coats of the polish and a coat of seche vite topcoat.  The first coat was abit sheer, the second coat evened it out quite nicely.

Sally Hansen So Much Fawn 
So Much Fawn, The press release didn't show a bottle picture of this one, the manicurist applied it to Adele's nails.  I'm calling this shade a nude it has pink undertones (pink mauve) that goes well with my skin tone.  Some may call it a grandma shade.  It's very creamy and a great formula that went on well with two coats.

Sally Hansen Arm Candy
Arm Candy, sheerest pink jelly.  It's nice for a french manicure or even for some nailart if you will.  I used three coats then topped off with seche vite.  

Sally Hansen Copper Penny layered over Arm Candy
Copper Penny, an orange copper glitter in a clear base. I applied it over Arm Candy several times for the gradient effect.  Topped with seche vite.

Final Thoughts:  I'm liking these nudes they're very easy to apply even the sheer ones.  The copper glitter is nice to have and it can bring bling to all of these colors.

Do you have any of these in your collection?

*Sally Hansen product sent for review*

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)


  1. I love these polishes on you!! The only one I don't have is Sheer Ecstasy. It's a really pretty nude. I'm in LOVE with that gradient!!!!

  2. Marisa: Thx, If you like it, you should get it. I like the freshness of it.

  3. I haven't got any of these ones but I think I'd like to have So Much Fawn. I like the dustier pinks and mauves, but I've always been in love with a lot of "romantic"/ antique things like lace collars and old perfume bottles and hair pins...

  4. Beautiful, Sheer extasy is my fav and I normally don't go for shades that look so pale.

  5. JQ: I like the same things as you. Love romantic/antique things. You should see my Pinterest board, I have a board titled vintage perfume bottles :)

    Josephine B: It's something about the color that draws you in :)

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Pretty swatches!

  7. So Much Fawn is a pretty shade - grandma shade or not, I still love it :) Hope you feel better soon !! I'm getting over with mine :)

  8. I like sheer ecstasy and the glitter polish. I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Very pretty! I love the combo of copper penny over arm candy!


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