Finger Paints Spring 2014 Shredded Chrome Collection, Swatches and Review

Hi guys, I have Finger Paints Shredded Chrome Collection to share with you today.  Five are in this limited edition collection.  The glitters are textured and sparkly.  **Press Sample**

Crystalline Crush: gold & copper glitter in a clear base.  The formula is good the glitter is pretty dense. I was able to use 2 coats for opacity.

Metallic Moondust: emerald green & gold glitter in a clear base.  The formula is good easy to apply.  Used 2 coats.

Gilded Chrome: gold glitter in a a clear base.  I like the metallic.  The formula was good used 2 coats.

Stargazing Lilac: purple & gold glitter in a clear base.  Pretty combo.  The formula was good used 2 coats. 

Stardust Blush: red & gold glitter in a clear base.   This one is my favorite from the collection.  As you can see it's not as chunky as he rest.  The formula was great used 2 easy coats.

Shredded Chrome Collection are textured rough glitters.  I used a topcoat on all the swatches and you can see how textured they are except Stardust Blush which is a lot smoother.

Theses can be purchased at your local Sally Beauty or can be purchased online at 

                                                                 **Press Sample**

Until next time please have a great nail polish day. (✿◠‿◠)
Love, Rhonda


  1. These are so glittery and sparkly! There pretty.

  2. I got the purple and the green. They are beautiful! My little girl has even worn the purple on her toes and read just thrilled about it. Lol! Purple is her fave color.

    1. Awe, that's so cute about your little girl :)

  3. Thank you for this review! I got Gilded Chrome after this and might go back to Sallys....Hmmm...


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